Ravage Magazine

Ravage was published while Rackham was alive. It’s pretty much forgotten and, needless to say, almost never left France or was translated.
The Ravage’ staff was often working together with Rackham’s and they are the same people who created Logren and Celas Mundi, just to give you an example; they were not random people. Needless to say, that the two heroes mentioned above were not the only creations that Ravage did (with Rackham’s overseeing), this is why we scanned and uploaded online all the relevant articles that we found. I invite you to take a look: you might find Skaven profiles for Confrontation (C1, unfortunately), new missions, new campaigns, stories, Griffin legendary characters, Dirz heroes riding (wingless) dragons, Shakansa’s borther and much more!
Have fun reading!
The file is big. have patience.